Posted by Blue eyes
10/4/02   at 8:30pm
Yu-gi-oh dungeon have put up their latest card of the day Pot of Greed up. Visit their other COTD's HERE
Yu-gi's deck
Posted by Blue eyes
10/4/02   at 8:10pm
Hi,blue eyes here.
I have got the first 5 card in yu-gi's deck up. Although the last 3 pictures are dark and slanted i promise i will get much better pictures when I have time to fetch my cards from my friend. Visit the yu-gi anime deck HERE
Major updates
Posted by Blue eyes
10/4/02   at 4:45pm
As you can probably tell I have been doing major updates today. I have completed the characters as I menchened earlier ( visit it HERE ) and i have finished the pics section ( HERE ) which I will add pictures continuesly.I have also added Some under consruction pages which I am currently working on or will be soon. Right now i am just starting yu-gi's character deck. You can see What I have currently done HERE
Characters complete
Posted by Blue eyes
10/4/02  at 3:30pm
WHOOOO i have finnaly finished the charecters section (visit it HERE)and can start a new page.....hope you enjoy reading the bios.