Main characters
If there was ever a kid born to play Duel Monsters, Yugi is that kid. While his fellow freshaman at Domino high school see him as a quit,shy type, his best friends Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor and Téa Gardner know about his secret talent.

When Yugi was growing up, his Grandfather gave him an ancient Egyptian artifact called the "Millenium Puzzle" to try and figure out. It is said that whosoever manages to solve this puzzle will be granted dark and mysterious powers. Yugi eventually was able to solve the Millenium Puzzle, and when he did, something amazing happened! The age-old powers of the puzzle flooded out and Yugi became Yami Yugi.

While Yugi, himself, may not know the full extent of the Millenium Puzzle's power, he's slowy discovering its mysterious links to ancient Egypt.


When the Millennium Puzzle activates, Yugi is filled with its magical energies and becomes Yami Yugi, his much more powerful alter ego. Not only is Yami Yugi a master dueler, but hes full of confidence and courage.

Joey wheeler

Joey once used to bully yu-gi along side his friend Tristan, untill when the  biggest  kid in schooll started piking on them yu-gi stood up to him. After that they looked up to yu-gi. Joey even threw one of the puzzle pieces into a lake!! When yu-gi stood up for them joey went and recovered the piece and took it back to yu-gi (this is where they became friends). Joey cares alot about yu-gi and his other friends and goes out the way to try and help them( like when he jummped of a boat into the sea to try and get yu-gi's 5 exodia cards back)!

When joey first started playing DM he thought that all he needed to win was strong monsters and couldn't understand why he never won a duel. Yu-gi told him that he needed to use strartegy with strong monsters to win so joey got    yu-gi's Grampa to train him.

After the training Joey becomes a great duelist, but he's still no match for Yugi nor Kaiba. His constant goal is to prove himself a worthy duelist to "Game Master, Yami Yugi", instead of Yugi always getting Jounouchi out of sticky situations. Joey becomes even better as the show goes on.

Tristan Taylor
Tristan once used to bully yu-gi along side his friend Joey, untill when the  biggest  kid in schooll started piking on them yu-gi stood up to him. After that they looked up to yu-gi.

Now Tristan is a close friend of Yugi who will always have Yugi's back no matter what the situation is.

Tristan loves Duel Monsters as much as anyone but doesn't really care as much. He doesn't see the true meaning of Duel Monsters and doesn't realize how valuble a card is also. Tristan is not a great dueler so he had to sneak in with Téa to get into Duelist Kingdom.

Te`a Gardner

Te`a knew Yugi before Joey or Tristan. She is the biggest cheerleader in the group and is a fellow duelist her self.

A kind and caring person, Téa is willing to help anyway she can.

Although Téa is not an elite duelist she still managed to beat Joey five times in a row (before joeys training) because Joey's deck had only monster cards.Because Téa isn't an elite duelist she wasn't allowed to go to the Duelist Kingdom with Joey or Yugi so she had to sneak in with Tristan to get into Duelist Kingdom.

Seto Kaiba

After his parents died Kaiba became rich and started a company called    Kaiba-corp. Because of his wealth Kaiba was able to buy 3 of the only 4 Blue
eyes white dragon cards in the world! The 4th he tried to buy off yu-gi's grampa but grampa said it wasn't for sale so Kaiba ripped it up instead so that it couldn't be used against him.

Kaiba was the undefeated world champion (and also quite evil) until yu-gi deafeated alll his blue eyes with exodia!At the end of their duel yu-gi used the power of his millenium puzzle to send kaiba's evil part to the shadow relm.After his deafeat Kaiba pulled out of the current regional championships!

Kaiba hated yu-gi for deafeating him but gradually begins to respect yu-gi.
Maximillion pegasus


Pegasus is the owner of Industrial Illusions and the creator of Duel Monsters. He is also the owner of the Millenium Eye which lets him see into the other player's mind.

He wants to take over KaibaCorp and wants to own all the Millenium Items. He created the Duelist Kingdom to attract those who carry with them a Millenium Item.Pegasus even included giving 3 million dollars to the winner at Duelist Kingdom. In order to enter his castle duelists must win 10 Star Chips.

Yu-gi was forced to go to duelist kingdom and play Pegasus "little game" because Pegasus trapped Yu-gi's grampa in the shadow relm.
Master Duelists

Weevil underwood

After Kaiba's "pull out" weevil became the regional champion. Weevil is a superb duelist using bug monsters as his main weaopons. For ever weevil had been trying to discover a way of deafeating Exodia but he couldn't so instead finding no other way he threw the 5 cards into the ocean!  Without these cards weevil thought he would be able to beat yu-gi.

Weevil was the first duelist for yu-gi to face but because weevil had stolen the new rules from pegasus he was able to lead yu-gi into his trap "the forest". Weevil thought yu-gi stood no chance here expecially without exodia but yu-gi still managed to deafeat weevil.

 Mai valentine

Mai is an extremely good duelist but thinks that to win she can't have any friends. Yu-gi and the gang try to make friends with her but she is always keeping her guard up.

Mai sprays a different perfume on each of her cards and then memorises which is which. This manipulates people making them think she is a phsychic so they lose there cool (as she plays all her cards without looking at them and even adds a little act as well).

Mai was Joey's first opponent. Mai used her little trick so Joey couldn't think straight and kept making silly mistakes. Eventually Joey carmed down and smelt the perfume. After that he stopped making mistakes and was able to win by using his baby dragon/time wizard combo.

However her trick isn't the only reason she is so good. She also has plain talent. She uses harpies lady and just keeps adding power ups to it until she is ready to use the elagent eagetis magic card which creates harpie lady sisters. She keeps doing this until she has an whole army of harpies! However harpies lady is Mai's only monster so if it is destroyed she loses.

Mai comes to be in the semi-finals at duel monsters kingdom.   

GUESS OF MINE: After joey deafeats her mai realises that she needs more monsters in her deck so she desides to add Harpie's pet dragon to here deck.(This is just a guess of mine i dont know weather she does).

Rex Raptor
REx is trying to become the best duelist around. He came second in the regional championships, losing to weevil.

Rex only uses extremely strong monsters (no magic or trap cards). He mainly uses Dinosaurs but his 2 strongest monsters are dragons. His supreme moster is Red Eyes Black Dragon (2400/2000) but he can use the only magic card in his deck to power Red Eyes up to 3000/2500 (as strong as Blue Eyes White Dragon!)

Rex has a soft spot for pretty girls so when Mai makes a deal to play duel monsters and if he wins he gets a kiss and if Mai wins she gets his room he foolishly exepted and lost.

Joey is the one who duels Rex. In this duel joey learns the secrets of how to use a field power bonus. Near the end Rex is so sure hes going to win he makes a nother deal-that if he wins he gets joeys Time Wizard as well as the normal prize of starchips, if Joey wins he gets Rex's Red Eyes. In the end joey wins using his time wizard.    

Bandit Keith

Bantit Keith is the top american duelist. When he dueled pegasus in the american championship final pegasus just called over a kid from the audience and gave him a piece of paper that he had previously wrote on. The kid (who had never played DM before)won.
Pegasus said that "even a kid can beat you bandid keith".

Bandit keith is a cheating jerk who would do anything to win! The only reason he entered Duelist Kingdom was so he could win the money and partly to get revenge on pegasus.


A former world traveler, Yugi's grandpa now owns the neighborhood gaming shop. Grandpa knows everything there is to know about games, but is especially well-versed in the ways of Duel Monsters. Grandpa teaches Yugi about believing in the "heart of the cards."

Over the years yu-gi's Grandpa put together one of the strongest DM decks in the world containing the legendary exodia and DID contain the 4th Blue Eyes White Dragon untill Kaiba ripped it up. This is the deck that yu-gi uses in the TV show.

Mokuba Kaiba

Mokuba sees no evil in his big brother, Seto; these brothers are the only friend and family each other has since their parents died at an early age. Instead, Mokuba idolizes Seto and sees only his good side. Mokuba is so devoted to his big bro, that he's pledged to avenge anyone who crosses him.

Ryuo Bakura

Bakura is a school friend of Yugi's. You'd think their shared passion to play Duel Monsters would give them plenty to bond over, but there's just something not quite right about him. Could it be the rare and powerful Millenium ring that he possesses? After all, it seems that when the magical ring activates, Bakura cannot control its dark powers... unlike yu-gi.

Bakura takes yu-gi to the shadow relm in an attempt to steal his millenium puzzle but yu-gi resists and they duel for it with yu-gi victorious.